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FLANP is a pro-active group of Nurse Practitioners and health care advocates who are working to improve access to health care for Florida's citizens.

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June 11, 2019

Call for Nominations! Join the FLANP Board!

If you have a passion for moving your profession forward, consider running for office.  Nominations are open from June 11 until July 20th.Click Here for details

May 6, 2019


MAY 5, 2019

Legislative Session has ended.Unfortunately for the citizens of Florida, HB 821/SB 972 was not heard in the Senate. Citizens of Florida will continue to suffer long wait times to see a healthcare provider. Those who live in rural areas  will continue to experience provider shortages.But we will not stop  in our efforts! We support Choice and Competition in Healthcare.

We thank all those who contributed to the efforts to help with this bill. We will continue to educate the public and advocate to the legislature on the value, safety and high quality care that autonomous Advanced Practice Nurses provide.

April 14, 2019

President Trumps Health Care Agenda:

"When state regulators impose excessive entry barriers and undue restrictions on SOP(scope of practice) for particular types of providers, they often are not responding to legitimate consumer protection concerns. There is a risk that healthcare professionals with overlapping skill sets will seek these restrictions; they view SOP restrictions as an easy, state-sanctioned opportunity to insulate themselves from competition."

"… States should consider changes to their scope-of-practice statutes to allow all healthcare providers to practice to the top of their license, utilizing their full skill set.” Read report here.

April 12, 2019

HB 821 (Pigman) has passed 3 house subcommittees and is now on the house floor for final approval. It is expected to pass and be sent to the Florida Senate. SB 972 (Brandes) remains stalled in the Senate Health Policy committee.

February 25, 2019

Legislative Update:  Bills authorizing full practice authority for APRNs have been filed in both the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives.  The House Bill is HB 821 filed by Representative Cary Pigman.  The Senate Bill is SB 972 filed by Senator Jeff Brandes.  The 2019 Legislative starts on March 5.  We would expect action on these bills to start soon thereafter.  FLANP will provide regular updates on these and other bills we are monitoring.

For a complete list of bills FLANP is monitoring, click here


October 14, 2018

Help Needed! Hurricane Relief Efforts!

Supplies are needed for Hurricane Michael relief efforts. Many FLANP members live in the region affected by the hurricane, including our Board Chair Stan Whittaker.

Diapers, Wipes, household items, canned food, generators, etc are needed.

The address is 16119 Hwy 71 South Blountstown at the old Chevy Dealership. This dealership is being used as a coordinating area for collections and distribution of supplies. We do not know if they accept mail or amazon delivery.

This has address has been verified with the Sheriff's Dept.

Blountstown is an area being used for relief efforts. It is about 45 minutes north of Mexico Beach. 

Thank you for your help

May 6-12

Happy Nurses Week!

2018 Legislative Session Ends

HB 1337 Passed. This bill updates the Nurse Practice Act

SB 21 Passed. This bill imposes new opioid prescribing rules.

2018 Legislative Session Begins

HB 973/SB 708 ( Daniels/Placensia, Brandes) Signature Authority Bill. Recognizes nurse practitioner and physician assistant signature where a physician signature is required. Would increase access to care, reduce costs and improve health outcomes.

HB 1337/SB 1594 (Pigman, Brandes) Updates Nurse Practice Act to conform to national standards. Changes the term Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner to Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, updates Clinical Nurse Specialist role.

HB 573/ SB 112 Involuntary Examination Under Baker Act. Authorized nurse practitioners to be able to protect suicidal persons and protect the public from homicidal person by certifying a Baker Act.

November 12-18

Happy Nurse Practitioner Week!

September 7, 2017

To Volunteer to help with Hurricane Irma

click here

June 23, 2017

HB 543 Signed by Governor

Update from the Board of Nursing
HB 543 Regulation of Health Care Practitioners
Effective Date: June 23, 2017

Summary: This bill requires that an established protocol be maintained at the location or locations at which the Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) practices. It also removes the requirement that the Board of Nursing review protocols and submit uncompliant protocols to the Florida Department of Health.

So effective immediately, ARNPs no longer need to file protocols with the Board of Nursing. ARNPs must  maintain a signed protocol at the locations where the ARNP practices.


FLANP is proud to have worked together with Coalition nursing groups to bring about passage of this important bill. Thanks to our Lobbyist Chris Floyd, FLANP Board Chair Stan Whittaker and all Coalition lobbyists for working this legislation in Tallahassee.


May 8, 2017

Legislative Session Ends.

HB543/SB328 Passed House and Senate.

This bill will change the way protocols are filed. Instead of sending protocols to the Board of Nursing, protocol will be need to be kept at the primary work site of the ARNP.

All other bills made significant progress through the house but unfortunately were held up in the senate. Thank you to everyone who participated in efforts to get our bills heard and passed.


March 1, 2017


Legislative Session begins March 7, 2017


Bills of interest

HB 7011: Introduces Independent Practice for ARNPS

CS HB129: (Placensia) Allows NPs to be Medical Directors and gain signature authority

SB 96: (Steube) Allows NPs to be Medical Directors

S634/HB 645: (Campbell, Lee): Allows NPs to sign Certificates of Involuntary Commitment (Baker Act)


January 1, 2017

ARNPs may apply for a DEA License Beginning today. The ARNP must have a protocol  filed with the Board of Nursing that states the ARNP has authority to  prescribe controlled substances.

The 3 hour CE requirement is due when you renew your ARNP license.



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