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We know there are questions relating to the Coronavirus and we want to help as much as possible.  First, we want you to know that FLANP along with others are advocating and requesting the Governor to remove supervisory protocols for this crisis temporarily.  Read the letter sent by The Florida Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses and Representative Cary Pigman.

Information is changing rapidly so we felt the best way to help at this time was to provide you with information on where to go.  We hope that as you are out working on the front lines and helping your patients, that you stay safe and well!!

CMS Frequently Asked Questions on Medicare Provider Enrollment Relief

Click here for the complete and updated list of CMS actions, guidance, and other information in response to COVID-19

CDC Resource Page

CDC Resources for Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals

Florida Department of Health Current Data on COVID-19

Florida Department of Health Resources Page

The American Nurses Association (ANA) has developed a FREE webinar series to help provide information to Nurses.  The first on-demand webinar focuses on the current PPE guidelines afor supply optimization and how to maintain personal safety.  Future webinars will deal with other critical COVID-19 topics and address critical questions we are hearing from nurses on the front-lines.  Once you sign up, you will receive an notice when the future webinars are released.

Telehealth has also been a question asked by some of our members so we wanted to try to provide you some information that we found.  The Center for Connected Health Policy is updating their website with information on telehealth policies.   

The Board of Nursing has also extended the license renewal dates to 5/31/2020.  Click here for more information.


Here are some ways you can ACTIVELY help:

  • The Governor's Office is looking for nurses who might volunteer to help during this crisis if needed. Currently, the need appears to encompass nurses who are able to volunteer to do testing when there is a surge in any geographic location. The Department of Health is ordering equipment and we are told that there would be other experienced healthcare professionals present to train, assist and support you. The current focus areas are Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami. Presently, other areas are under surveillance where there appears to be increased activity. We are looking for anyone who feels they could volunteer. If this is the case, please navigate to this form on the FNA website and fill it in with your information. 
  • Debate and negotiations continue related to the COVID-19 legislative relief package. Use this link to urge your elected officials to express their support to Congressional Leadership for retaining the home health provision, which would authorize NPs to certify their patients' eligibility for home health care services, helping to ensure Medicare patients have timely access to home health care, and to include policies that ensure NPs and other clinicians have continued access to critically needed personal protective equipment.


We also have a flyer comparing symptoms of the Coronavirus, Flu and Allergies with a reminder of the Florida Rx Card offering up to 80% savings on prescriptions for you to share.


If you have any questions or have other information you feel is pertinent that we share, please email us at

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