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Here's what we NEED you to do:

  1. Talk to other APRN's about HB 607 and our campaigns - friends, co-workers, educators, students - talk to ALL of them!!  Share our emails and our website with them!  All NEW Member dues will go towards the Media Campaign in the month of January; sign up to help our campaign and get the benefits of being a FLANP Member!!
  2. Donate!  We have been asked by the Legislative Leadership to continue our media campaign, but we need to raise $30,000 ASAP to do this (goal updated 12/20/19). Can you or anyone you know contribute?
  3. Send Emails and Letters to your Local Representatives supporting HB 607. Here is a template and a list of Representatives to contact.  Make sure to put "SUPPORT HB 607" in the subject line of your emails.
  4. Plan and Registerto join us on ONE TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY during the 9 weeks of Legislative Session at the State Capitol (Jan. 14th through March 11th).  If each APRN attends only ONE DAY, we will flood them with our presence!!  There are over 20,000 APRN's in Florida which means we would have over 1,000 there supporting HB 607 each of the 18 days of the Legislative Session....PLEASE, JOIN US!!
    • Visit the NEW Floridians Unite for Health Care site and review our talking points.
    • Review the Florida Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses site and Resource page for advocacy pointers.  
    • Please dress in business attire and your white lab coat.
    • Each morning we will meet in the lower level Capitol Cafeteria by 8:30am; grab a coffee and talking points to hand out or review (if you can't get here by 8:30, don't worry....WE STILL NEED YOU to come!  Contact our Governmental Affairs Chair, Stan Whittaker, at 850-545-8301 once you arrive and he will let you know where to meet the group.
  5. Provide feedback regarding your trip to Tallahassee.  The Florida Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses is collecting information from anyone that lobbies; we want to have real time follow up to know what worked, what didn't work, who we need to target and follow up with.  We will use this information to determine who we need to follow up with the next day throughout the legislative session.

If you have any questions or ideas on how else you can help, please Contact Us.



A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling TOLL-FREE   1-800-HELP-FLA or online at www.FloridaConsumerHelp.com.  Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recomendation by the State.  Registration #: CH32573

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Vision Statement

Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners will be the leading Florida Nurse Practitioner professional organization advocating for patient centered health care. The organization will increase knowledge on healthcare policy pertaining to Nurse Practitioner practice and patient centered health care; and will remove barriers to Nurse Practitioner practice to gain access to quality health care for Floridians.